The best B2b Marketing Strategy – Influencer Marketing via content marketing

A recent study conducted by B2B Marketing Exchange revealed that the average tenure of a CMO is less that 2 years. So – with less than 2 years to live, what is a marketer to do?

In competitive, commoditized categories, conventional wisdom dictates that a company’s fortunes depend on deal makers and pricing. Most companies believe they win deals primarily due to their products, their relationships or their sales muscle; rather than elevated strategic marketing efforts to develop customer demand, and focus sales on highest areas of return.
Let’s face it – most B2B companies see Marketers as the people you go to for brochures, trade-show booths, press releases and direct mail campaigns.

But how do you do differentiate, develop customer demand and focus sales on areas of highest return when advertising budgets are negligible, sales support is merely greens fees, and branding efforts have little measurable impact? Even strategic planning is often seen as a budgeting exercise that barely challenges the status quo.

So, what are some of the best B2B marketing strategy? One answer is Influencer Marketing.

Why should B2B brands use Influencer Marketing?

72% of consumers look to respected industry peers for recommendations on purchasing decisions.

Here are 5 steps to plan on a successful influencer marketing program:

  1. Set Objective
  2. Define target buyers
  3. Identify Industry Leaders
  4. Connect with Influencers
  5. Strategize with influencers

Before you start building an influencer strategy, outline your campaign goals. What does your brand want to achieve? Is it awareness? Leads? Sales? Set measurable, time-based objectives to guide your campaign. To receive a substantial return on your influencer, spend (ROIS), you must first clearly identify what you are trying to accomplish in the B2B space.

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