Event Marketing

Right Events, Right Customers

Millennial B2Bmarketers are realizing the power of event marketing in lead generation. So, if you are a corporate or business enthusiast seeking effective promotion for yourbrand, event marketing is something you should try giving a shot!

As one of the leading event marketing companies in India, we acknowledge the power of event marketing and how it helps businesses get closer to their customers. Our event marketing team manages all end-to-end procedures in line and provides you with a one-stop-shop solution for your brand’s successful event marketing campaign.

We Can Help You In

Online Marketing Events

We, at GegaMartech, believe in delivering results over engaging in lengthy complicated procedures. That’s why we advocate and pursue digital marketing which yields more widespread and effective results when pitted against traditional physical events. As an event marketing agency, we work towards fetching you a global audience and the right platform to effortlessly create real-time events.


Webinars are a great marketing tool for engaging with your prospects.  We can help you create and deliver product demos, presentations, and discussions within flexible time slots wherein, you’d also be able to learn more about how to engage your clients through polls and interactive questions. Resultantly, your customers tend to feel rewarded with actual value in exchange for their dedicated time and energy towards your webinar. We don’t believe in just presenting a slide and droning on for hours. We are rather focused at delivering professionally creative webinar formats, topics and effective ways to keep your audience hooked till the end.

Trade Shows

Despite the increasing popularity of webinars and online hosting, in-person events like trade shows, conferences, appreciation events, etc. still hold their places as some of the best platforms for communicating with customers. GegaMartech can help you go beyond your digital interface and directly engage with your customers on a more intimate level. We’ll help you in conducting trade shows by gathering industry-specific professionals and leveraging them in generating the right leads.

Summits & Conferences

We also focus on company-specific events like summits and conferences that have a sizeable and engaged customer base. Our experts will help you host user summits and thereafter educate your customers regarding your products or services. If you’re seeking to sponsor a conference, we will guide you in branding your logo on marketing materials and establish booths, so that people seeking relevant solutions are able to find you easily. Our marketing team ensures that you have a cohesive marketing message at your booth, marketing materials, presentations, etc.

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