B2B Lead Generation

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In this era of value-driven marketing, it has become imperative to focus on both B2C and B2B lead generation services. B2B lead generation, however, has recently gained more traction over its B2C initiatives.

Where We Come In

We at GegaMartech provide cutting edge solutions aimed at establishing and enhancing B2B relations among corporates and small businesses. Our objective has always been to generate value and quality B2B leads for your business.

We Offer

The Right Content Marketing Strategies

A great piece of content is the stepping stone towards developing the right impression on your client. Our content team will help you research and identify the right tone, language, the nature of the content and what exactly your client wants to listen to. Besides ideal content creation, we can assist you in optimizing your content for optimum search engine ranking. Our experienced SEO specialists will identify the right keywords and make your business fit for organic ranking.

The Best Channel to Market on Social Media

Our social media marketing teams are experienced in providing the right platforms for content promotion and can help you optimize your content for different social media channels. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are ideal places to find and tap into potential B2B clients. We believe in reaching out to your prospects in the best possible way and build social media communities for an engaging partnership between you and your leads.

Landing Page & CTA Optimization

Research shows that a landing page with multiple offerings tends to decrease conversion rates by 266%. We at GegaMartech ensure that you focus on a single goal per landing page and maintain a minimum clarity for CTAs to avoid distractions. As one of the most dynamic and reliable B2B lead generation companies in India, we can help you convert your leads into conversions and ensure that the landing pages and CTAs are convincing.

Chatbot Interaction

AI is currently the market trend that is helping businesses worldwide. Our technology outlook coupled with our market intelligence can enable you to reap the benefits of applied AI and its prominent role in B2B engagement.

Effective Data Analysis

In this age of big data, proper research, pooling, and analyses of B2B client information has become crucial for establishing an effective relationship. Our data analytics team can help you identify the channels generating most leads, and their rates of conversion. Our expertise will also help you measure behavioural changes in buyer personas and provide respective shifts in the existing strategies.

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