Account Base Marketing (ABM)

The New Age B2B Marketing Tool Your Business Needs

Gone are the days, when marketers relied heavily on inbound marketing methods. To give your brand a competitive edge, you need to adapt the new age B2B marketing plan currently in buzz. Enter the world of Account Based Marketing (ABM), where you can not only identify your potential customers, but also grow your business with them.

Where We Come In

Account Identification

Know Who’s Right for You

At GegaMartech, we help you identify the right client by extending a holistic approach towards companies (accounts). Our systems view of approaching a firm as one of your potential customers will help you chalk out the right marketing strategy. Our expertise will execute an end-to-end company prospecting and get you ready for an upcoming B2B marketing campaign with your potential client.

Account Research

Get a Detailed Picture

Our team of market research professionals with years of hands-on experience can deliver clarity on your account details. We employ cutting edge B2B research tools including Firmographics, Technographics, Predictive Analytics, and Qualitative Parameters to extract all possible details required for profiling your potential account. Avail our latest proactive research facility to get detailed analyses on company revenue, size, budget, tenure, internal departments, stakeholders, key players, average contract value, company motivation, behaviour, work culture, technology in use, etc.

Content Creation

Build the Right Content

Sit with our content marketing team for a brainstorming session on creating content best-suited for your account.  The right tone, pitch, keywords and SEO optimization, coupled with our graphics team’s unparalleled visuals can offer youa total package ofaccomplishing a successful B2B marketing campaign. We constantly innovate and iterate content to create and deliver value to your customers.

Channel Selection

Know the Right Outlet

You cannot go about ABM without employing social media channels. At GegaMartech, we ensure that you reap all possible benefits of running a successful campaign on social media platforms. Our social media marketing team brings to the table top-notch solutions designed exclusively for approaching your accounts on social media. We can identify the right outlet with your accounts’ maximum presence and design the best ways of approaching them.

Account Based Campaign

Embark on a Successful Campaign with Us

We believe in showcasingthe best possible image of your brand to your customers. For ABM campaigns, we ensure that the account’s stakeholders get their needs addressed in the B2B campaigns. We prioritize value creation that can generate maximum sales without compromising on your brand image.

How we make a difference

  • We help you gain a powerful alignment between your sales and marketing teams
  • We help you manage costs by gearing investments towards ABM and cutting expenses on inbound methods
  • We help you improve customer experiences by addressing the account’s specific needs
  • We help you filter and focus more on potential clients effectively
  • We drive you towards better ROI from client specific campaigns

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