Data Cleaning

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The age of information is steered by data processing and applications; and B2B marketing being a highly data-driven process needs a custom database enrichment solution whereby relevant data is filtered from the redundant ones. The level of urgency makes data cleaning services vital for every B2B marketer trying to adapt and thrive in this ever-evolving business environment.

We, at GegaMartech, ensure data enrichment, consistency, and application. We identify errors or corruptions in your data, decide whether to correct or delete them and then finally process the information to keep the error from reoccurring.

We Offer

Error Monitoring

Our experts look at the error trends, identify the source and maintain their corresponding records. This makes data identification and error rectification much easier for you. We ensure that you are able to integrate custom solutions with your fleet management software and keep errors at bay.

Process Standardization

We standardize the point of entry and look for its importance. Our data processing team ensures quality standardization by maintaining good point of entry and reducing the risk of data duplication.

Accuracy Validation

We not only clean your existing database, but also validate the accuracy of each data. Our team conducts exhaustive research and invests in tools that enables you to clean your data in real-time. In addition to the same, we employ AI and incorporate deep learning techniques to better test the accuracy.

Data Scrubbing

We, at GegaMartech always strive to deliver efficiency. That’s why we reduce time during data analyses by identifying duplicate data. Our data experts and advanced machine learning systems analyse raw data from bulk and render a fully scrubbed output.

Data Analysis

We specialize in appending your data that has been standardized, validated and scrubbed. Our sources can not only capture data from first-party sites, but also clean and compile the information to provide a complete dataset to your business intelligence team.

Process Communication

We believe in effective process interaction with all our clients. Since it is vital to keep scrubbed information clean, we keep communicating the data cleansing process to your team with optimum transparency. We work towards developing and strengthening your customer segmentation, and send targeted information to your prospects to ensure proper team alignment.

How we can make a difference

Our deep-domain competency in data cleaning can help you reap the following benefits.

  • Better operational insights from accurate and reliable information
  • Error-free multiple data pooling in a single data-set
  • Satisfied customers availing error-free and up-to-date information
  • Ability to map data sources and functions
  • Increased process efficiency from data cleansing tools

Opt for a cleaner data management mechanism in your business. Try us now!

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