Contact Discovery

Right Contacts, Ideal Prospects

The quality of contacts in your database can determine the success rate of your marketing campaign. Identifying the right contacts can enable your sales force to approach ideal prospects 90% faster and significantly reduce costs incurred in analyzing them from a vast network of leads. A right custom contact list with verified and accurate data can not only save time, but render better ROI to your business.

We at GegaMartech offer highly customized and cost-effective contact discovery techniques developed exclusively for solving all your lead generation issues. We, unlike data resellers and mailing list brokers feeding you large chunks of redundant contacts,believe in offering custom-built verified business contact lists containing names, companies, designations, email addresses, contact numbers, etc.

How we can help

Prospect Identification -> Data Accumulation -> Screening -> Telephonic Validation -> Quality Assurance

Prospect Identification

You specify your criteria; we get you the right prospects. At GegaMartech, we have highly trained professionals with years of hands-on experience in generating qualified B2B leads. We ensure that all your specifications including roles, target market, geographical locations, company size, revenue, etc. are met with in our prospect identification process. Through our customized B2B List Building services, we thrive to provide you with a list of targeted buyers beneficial for your business.

Data Accumulation

We search for your targeted buyers in our proprietary database. Our data analysis team tries to identify and tally their attributes with the specified ones and filter out any attribute that doesn’t match your specifications. Our social media experts use different social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. to establish detailed profiles of the prospects and validate them by using existing database specific to your requirements including industry, websites, social media platforms, etc.

Data Screening

Data accumulation becomes futile without proper screening. At GegaMartech, our experts ensure that your data is adequately filtered and enhanced.

Telephonic Validation

Data verification, no matter how advanced is still not guaranteed unless a real-time telephonic conversation is conducted with the prospects. Our robust telemarketing team ensures data authenticity by calling your prospective buyers and verifying the gathered data. We share with you only that data which undergoes this double verification process. If there’s a mismatch, our data research team quickly responds to the discrepancy by starting all over from scratch. The accumulated data is again sent for software and telephonic validations.

Quality Assurance

Quality data leads to quality decisions;GegaMartech ensures that the pooled data is both authentic and up-to-date.

Why Choose Us?

Alongside providing you with revenue-driven results through our streamlined contact discovery services, we also promise to offer you the following benefits through our collaboration.

  • Get Quality Leads: Right contact lists matching your specifications
  • Get Higher ROI: Reduced costs and higher returns
  • Get Process Efficiency: Specific B2B contacts lists from vast data networks within less time

Build your custom contact list today; reach us without any further ado!

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