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The era of big data has compelled businesses to adopt effective means of managing large scale data structures. When it comes to B2B marketing, data related to prospects, customer base, client interactions, feedbacks, product augmentation, iteration, etc. bear more significance than you can imagine. Managed data can not only help you analyse business performance, but can also help you strategize future marketing plans.

At GegaMartech, we have developed highly customized data management systems that can help you to capture, pool, and analyse data in no time.

Our Solutions

Contact Discovery

In a business environment where sales forces strive to pool in ideal prospects, the importance of establishing the right contacts has become more vital than ever. Quality contacts can yield much higher ROI when compared to traditional outbound pursuits. We, at GegaMartech, realize the importance of verified and accurate data in generating the right prospects for your business. We provide custom-built verified business contacts lists containing the right names, companies, industries, designations, email addresses, and other specifications. Our team of B2B lead generation experts ensure the following quality services.

  • Prospect Identification
  • Data Accumulation
  • Data Screening
  • Telephonic Validation
  • Quality Assurance

Prospect Data Management

In a B2B environment, generating ideal prospects is not enough. You also have to accurately list them to boost your marketing output. At GegaMartech, we work towards ruling out any inaccuracy associated with your data gathered during target prospecting processes. We offer quality database services that can not only fetch you accurate data, but also establish and optimize prospect lists. We make sure you get relevant, accurate and up-to-date data with proper listing done for prospect interaction. Our goal is to,

  • Develop prequalified prospect lists
  • Establish the right opt-in lists
  • Fetch the right technology lists of your accounts

Data Cleaning Services

Living in an era where businesses are becoming increasingly data-driven, it is vital for every marketer to adequately process each and every information in their database. It is a fact that maintaining an error-free and updated database can not only boost your process quality, but can also help you in pooling out the most relevant dataset from a vast complex network. At GegaMartech, we offer cutting-edge AI-powered data cleaning services exclusively devised to maintain and update refined, consistent and applicable information in your database. Our entire gamut of services in the area encompasses of,

  • Error Monitoring
  • Process Standardization
  • Accuracy Validation
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Analysis
  • Process Communication

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